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What is All Property Management?

You may have a property in Perth. Or you might be looking for a new investment property, you might need a Professional Property Management company in Perth to look after your investment property.

Let us find out here what are the services you can expect from a Professional Property Management company in Perth?

  • Representation and listing of your property on the Perth market – They look after all types of residential and commercial properties.
  • High-impact marketing to activate a favorable and quick tenancy.
  • Strict tenant reference checking, evaluation, and selection.
  • Condition reporting of property.
  • Regular inspections and reports.
  • Emergency repairs, maintenance, and security.
  • Rent collection and negotiation with monthly landlord payments.
  • Reviews on ongoing rent and optimize returns.
  • Condition report of the property.
  • Updating you all the time about your property and offers guidance as and when needed.
  • Provides legal requirements if needed and manages all the necessary documentation.


The Professional Property Management also serves as the liaison between the tenants and the landlord. If the tenant has any problem or needs repairs in his space, he will see the manager, who will take the necessary measures to solve the problem or repair what is wrong.

It is the responsibility of the manager to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of the owner and the tenant. If the tenant does not pay the rent as described in the lease or does nothing that is not in the lease, the commercial property manager will be responsible for delivering the eviction notice.

Eviction Notice

Each state has specific regulations regarding eviction. When delivering an eviction notice, the manager must ensure that he is following all the steps to the letter. This ensures that everything is done legally and that the tenant cannot complain that they were illegally evicted.

Professional Property Management involves the supervision of any type of commercial property from multi-story office buildings to commercial spaces.

Many times property owners use a Professional Property Management company to deliver all the day-to-day details of the operation of the property, to free up the owner’s time for other aspects of the business.

The company that manages commercial properties is generally given the authority to make any decision that affects the amount of income the owner receives from his property. Hiring the appropriate management firm can often lead to ensuring the best rental rates for space and having less tenant turnover.


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