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Real estate agents: Everything you need to know about them and their Rental property Management Fees Perth

If you need the advice to sell or rent your property or are afraid of being scammed, the best alternative is to use the services of a good real estate agent. This professional has the necessary experience and knowledge to take charge of this important process. Also, their Rental Property Management Fees Perth is affordable.

What is a real estate agent?

The real estate agent develops the intermediation service, aimed at the acquisition administration, leasing, marketing, advice, consulting, transfer, sell, assignment, use, usufruct, exchange or other real estate operation.

In other words, a real estate agent is a professional in charge of intermediating the process of buying, selling or renting a property.

What functions does a real estate agent have?

  • Real estate consulting:

A real estate agent knows perfectly the real estate market and the necessary procedures to achieve an effective sale.

  • Effective negotiation:

Through empathy and negotiation techniques, an agreement must be reached in which both parties feel benefited.

  • Valuation of your property:

Real estate consultants have the information, experience, and criteria to recommend a competitive price based on real data.

  • Property Promotion:

A real estate advisor invests in the means necessary to promote their homes and apartments in the best way, in addition to knowing the sales techniques necessary to achieve it.

  • Document Review:

Before going out to the market, it is required to know the registration status of the property, since all interested parties will request the revision of documents.

  • Evaluation of interested clients:

A filter should be made to anyone who wants to visit your property. In the case of rentals, you will be presented with an assessment of the potential tenant.

  • Personalized attention

To achieve an effective sale, a real estate professional will make a personalized plan for your property.

How much does a real estate agent charge?

The Rental Property Management Fees Perth can be up to 5% of the sales value. The minimum that a real estate agent charges in the market is 3%. This will depend on factors such as the price of the property and the conditions of the service.

In the case of rentals, it is usually 1 month of the rental value. For contracts older than 3 years it is usually a larger amount that will depend on the real estate agency and the type of business.

A real estate agent has its base of qualified clients who are already looking for real estate from before you even decide to sell your property. Also, their Rental Property Management Fees Perth is also nominal.


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