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Every tenant is unique and important to us. Our aim is to make our tenant feel like they are our only tenant.

As we only do property management, we provide each tenant with the highest quality of service, attention and detail that the local real estate agencies and big franchise chains can’t afford.

We truly believe that if we look after our tenants, in return our tenants will look after the property as if it was their own home that they own.

If you are one of our happy tenants, the best gift you can give us is your referral of our service to your family and friends. We will provide them with the highest quality of service that you have been provided with.

As property managers, we respect tenant’s rights, these include but not limited to the following:

The right to quiet enjoyment

  • As a tenant, you have the right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of your rental property. This means full use and privacy, without being pestered by your landlord.

Reasonable notice

  • Did you know that if a landlord or agent wants to enter your property, they must provide at least 24 hours written notice, depending on the reason for the visit? In addition, landlords can only visit between certain hours of the day, and they must not stay longer than is necessary.

Responsibility of repair

  • It’s your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that your property is safe and liveable. As such, repairs are a landlord’s responsibility, but the approach is different depending on the urgency of the repairs needed.



iRentWA gives users access to important information about renting a home in WA from the beginning to the end of their tenancy, including where to get help when things go wrong.

Whether you want to quickly find out about rent increases, getting your bond back or what to do with a breach notice, the app has plain-language advice about it all.



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