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What are the Major Considerations While Hiring Property Managers?

If you want to become a landlord from a homeowner, first you have to take into account the option to use one of the numerous property management Yokine agencies that are in existence to make life easier for you. These companies serve as a bridge between tenants and landlords and can reduce the stress that invariably crop up from the rental property. Know about some of the major considerations when you hire property managers.

Management Fee

The property owner has to realize the objective of the management fee, which is generally 10%. The percentage of management fee can pay for the time of the property manager. The 10% lets some other person help bear the stress of owning the property. The owner is the one who pays for some other person to handle early morning calls. It is essential to keep in mind that the property manager cannot handle the entire burden and responsibility of the owner. It is ultimately the responsibility and the property of the owner.


When you hire any property management Yokine professional, an interview would be carried out to recruit the candidate. It is not different to work with a property manager. At the time of interview, you have to ask the right questions, get candid answers, recruit the best candidate and get out of way. In case an owner is a superior micromanager, they need to recruit a specific type of best property managers perth.

Personality fit

The personality of the owner needs to fit the processes and systems of the property manager. At times, owners would face problems with the processes and systems of property managers. It is a good idea to recruit a manager who would be more responsive to the needs of owners.


Communication happens in two ways. It is not just the responsibility of the property manager to have effective communication. Owners need to understand that they have to lead the manager in how they anticipate the manager to have the property managed. In case your property manager takes a long time to return your calls, you have to explain to them about the degree of communication that you expect. In exchange, ask the manager about the level of communication that they want from you. Lots of property management Yokine professionals would only prefer to communicate with you, as required. More than such level of communication is an overkill from the owner.

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