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The keys of the good Property management Yokine:

Managing properties, that is, a building, several, urbanizations or communities are always a challenge. Beyond ensuring and working for efficient management, the periodic link with neighbors and tenants, suppliers, managers, and security personnel, among others, requires dedication and many times, an almost exclusive dedication that demands a lot of time to a Property Management Yokine.

In this note, we bring you several keys to keep in mind so that the exercise of managing properties and relationships in the category of Property Management Yokine plays in your favor.

Know what your role is:

Sometimes it is difficult to make the neighbors understand what the administrator’s role is. Some imagine a kind of superhero with cape and sword, and others a total disregard of their needs.

Therefore, it is essential that the Property Management Yokine knows well how far he goes, what he does and what his limits are to avoid solving problems that he should not.

A good management company does many things, but above all, he monitors and does what is necessary so that the facilities in his charge are in optimal conditions. It is meticulous with the order, the cleanliness, the ornament and the faultless presentation even of the corners that the clients do not look at.


A good Property Management Yokine thinks, analyzes and looks for opportunities to improve customer service. Guiding residents of buildings and/or urbanizations to coexist better is a complex task that, well managed, guarantees cost and time results.

It is important to focus efforts on measuring objectives and defining their follow-up. The activity log is one of the best allies for the administrator who works and improves based on results.

Ability to negotiate:

A good Property Management Yokine leads teams. Even if they, “their teams”, do not know, the administrators mediate almost all the time between neighbors and suppliers, to monopolize the greatest benefit for the consortium.

A good management company knows and motivates his clients to get involved in the care of their homes without belittling the necessary follow-up and notification of laws, claims, clauses and/or alerts that are of neighborhood interest.

A reference, better than a thousand notices:

In this area, a good reference or close recommendation is worth more than a paid advertisement that promotes what we say we are. The reference is usually based on trust. An administrator without trust cannot manage anything or anyone.

The important thing is to define the Property Management Yokine‘s role in the methodical and analytical and from there work a social bond based on respect between the parties.


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