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  • We only do Property Management
  • We are 100% focused and dedicated
  • We have fully dedicated property management team looking after your property round the clock
  • We are a true customer service oriented Property Management agency
  • No sales, no distractions, purely property management
  • 100% No-Hidden Fees
  • We are upfront what we charge
  • No fine prints
  • We charge one week letting fee.
  • Our letting fee covers all premium marketing expenses
  • We provide premium marketing package at no additional cost
  • We have one of the lowest all-inclusive ongoing fees 10.00% inc GST to manage your property.
  • All-inclusive means no inspection fees, lease negotiation fees, no property condition report fees, financial statement fees, etc, etc.
  • No extra hidden costs
  • Most real estate agencies are reactive and only take action when something happens.
  • We are the most proactive agency in Perth.
  • We always proactively monitor all aspect of the property and we take preventive measure to minimize the potential risk.
  • Maximising your investment return by managing your property efficienty with preventative actions
  • We are a member of REIWA
  • All Property Managers are registered and industry qualified professionals.
  • We are knowledgeable with current industry news, regulations and policy changes
  • We use a cloud-based system to manage our day to day activity and reporting.
  • We have separate Landlord and Tenant portals to keep you updated.
  • We have a dedicated IT support team, which allow us to adopt the latest technologies to improve service quality and efficiency.
  • We understand the importance of attracting and retaining quality, long term tenants.
  • Our tenants are happier, and we strongly believe that a happy tenant is a good tenant!



Get free rental appraisal within 2hrs



No Lock-in Contract!

If you are not happy with our service in the first 90 days, you can terminate our management agreement. No question asked



We simplify the entire process. From initial appraisal to day to day maintenance of your investment, we made it simple. With us you will feel like you are our only client and you are not just a number.

With our expensive training and expect market knowledge, we maximise your renal returns.

We take proactive and preventative measure to minimise maintenance cost and save unnecessary expenses from owners pocket.

We follow strict set of scheduling and planning and that is why we are always on time on our inspection, reporting, marketing and everything we do, we do it thoroughly.

We understand the importance of minimising vacancies and finding the right tenants shortest time possible.



Typical real estate agencies charge between $220 dollars to $440 dollars per report.

Typical real estate agencies charge between $66 dollars to $99 dollars per inspection.

Typical real estate agencies charge between $10 dollars to $20 dollars per month.

Typical real estate agencies charge between $55 dollars to $88 dollars per report.



  • Typical Perth Real Estate Agencies charging around 12% to 18% or MORE!
  • We charge 10% all-inclusive
  • Al most all of them have complex fee structure, which is hard to keep track of as landlord.
  • We have complicated fee structure
  • The leasing fees, lease negotiation fees, rent review fees
  • We charge NIL
  • Property condition report fees
  • We charge NIL
  • Quarterly inspection report
  • We charge NIL
  • Monthly statement fees and sundry expenses
  • We Charge NIL
  • Advertising Fees
  • We not only provide premium advertising at ZERO cost to you
  • Don’t forget the fine prints.
  • We have no fine prints
  • When a tenant first moves in, it’s essential to establish a good relationship from the start. Like any great relationship, trust and communication ensure things tick along smoothly, while also allowing for certain leniencies from time-to-time.
  • Property Management Agency does not incentivize property managers to retain tenants for long-term leases
  • Agencies get paid each time a new lease is signed, and a new tenant moves in.
  • We understand retaining great tenants is far less costly than finding new ones. So when we contact your tenant prior to their lease expiry to find out what their plans are, we can offer an incentive for renewal if they’re on the fence.
  • Typical real estate agencies are focused on selling homes and busy chasing sales leads.
  • Agencies are too distracted to provide the attention to their home buyers and one time investors.
  • Agencies have very little care for your investment
  • Typical real estate Property Managers manage upto 120 properties.
  • Our Property Managers manage upto 80 properties.
  • Typical real estate agencies don’t want to understand tenants’ priorities
  • We listen and solve
  • Typical real estate agents have very little care about landlord investment.
  • We promise you are not a number to us, we care and value your investment



We do market research quarterly (every 3 months) to make sure we are on top of our game.

We have the lowest rental vacancies in Perth. We have large internal database and we do premium advertising to expose your property to the right tenants.

We don’t sit on the application. When we receive an appliaction, we start our vetting immediately and check bank statement, income and employment verification, previous two tenancy check. We have one dedicated assistant property manager to help our property manager to get everything done within same day.

Where posible we carry out the minor repairs without calling the contractor. we also have reliable contractors who provide excellent service at very competative price. We always try our best to get 3 quotation. We never issue work order without your approval. We do our job and we always make sure you are in control of your investment.



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