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Smart Realty Property Management are the most Proactive Property Management company is Perth. We understand the importance and necessity to finding good tenants in the quickest time possible and without any unnecessary delays.

We understand the importance of good communication. We are well trained mature, experienced Property Managers with common sense.

We offer one of the best values “All-Inclusive” management fee. If you are looking for a good reliable, transparent, hassle-free, all-inclusive, no hidden fee Property Management Service with a service guarantee, please give us a call and have a chat TODAY!

The advantages of obtaining Property Management Companies:

People who own commercial property can obtain more than enough cash flow from their commercial property and have a guaranteed financial guarantee for their future.

Of course, these two benefits come at a price. One of them is that the property must be in good condition to maintain or increase its value. Otherwise, you will have to spend more money on maintenance and taxes.

Taking into account commercial property management companies is an excellent solution. Instead of you, and a talented person you know, managing your commercial property, have another company handle the management to make it less problematic and stress-free. See some advantages you can get when you get these services from experts in professional property management.

You can provide the best service to tenants:

Commercial Property Management Companies will have the systems and people in place to address all types of tenant concerns, from the smallest utility issue to the most serious security issues. Although it has a fairly small commercial building, serving tenants and making sure they are satisfied can consume and consume energy. If you have nothing else to do with your days, then you could better serve your tenants if you hire a business management company to do the work for you.

You can get better tenants for your commercial property:

One of the ways to keep profits is to get the best deals. This means that tenants who pay on time and also take care of their rented spaces as their own. Criminal tenants not only dissolve profits but also create a lot of stress.

Property professionals have the experience to manage their property:

From the collection of the rent to the implementation of the maintenance work, these commercial managers can handle all aspects of the execution of any building. They do the work for you so you don’t have to stress or be bothered.

A well-managed property will never stop generating income:

With the experience and experience at the helm of your commercial Property Management Companies, you are sure to make a good profit at all times. Some of the best leasing companies even evaluate their terms and make appropriate recommendations so that they not only reduce problems but also increase revenues.

You need to relax and enjoy your investment:

Finally, what good is a real estate investment if you can’t even find the time to relax and enjoy the profits you have earned? With the right Property Management Companies, you can do it now.

How are we Different?

We are the new face in Property Management and we are here to shape the industry. There are many differences between what we offer and what other agencies offering………..


We are a small innovative boutique company. Jointly we have over 13 years’ experience in residential Property Management.


Our portfolios are small (and will be kept small) because we want to give our clients exceptional service. With a cost-effective all-inclusive rate, you will know exactly what your property is costing to be managed professionally every month with no added or unknown costs.

Management Fee:

Our Management Fee is 10.00% Inc GST, this is for managing your property, “all-inclusive”. This means no extra charges for, routine inspections, lease negotiations, lease renewals, maintenance inspections, financial statements, etc, etc!!!

*Everything we do as Property Managers during the management of your property is all included in that cost!

We believe our Management Fee works out cheaper than any other agency in Perth can quote you.

Compare with Others:

Do not be fooled when a company states a low management fee. Ask what their fully inclusive percentage rate is (this is usually between 14% and 18%)!

Our professional service is very economical, and we carry out all the processes other Property Management Companies provide and more but do not charge all the extras.

Our property management fee is 10.00% Inc GST and with all the added extras and quick tenancy rates, it is very hard to beat, in fact, we have not yet been beaten.

Our Package:

10.00% Inc GST ‘All-Inclusive Service’

One week let fee, which includes all marketing.

You will receive a free photography session

A larger ‘Highlight Listing’ for 30 days on, at no extra cost to you and a ‘Featured Listing’ on

$0.00 for your Property Condition Report. Saving you hundreds of dollars when someone move-in or moved-out from your property.

 Exit Condition Reports  NIL (all inclusive)
 Property Condition Report updates  NIL (all inclusive)
 Lease Negotiation Fee  NIL (all inclusive)
 Lease Documentation Renewals  NIL (all inclusive)
 Rental Increase Negotiations  NIL (all inclusive)
 Rental Appraisal Reports  NIL (all inclusive)
 Routine Inspections and Reports- 3 monthly  NIL (all inclusive)
 Final Bond Preparation and Report  NIL (all inclusive)
 Property Attendance  NIL (all inclusive)
 Owner/Client Meetings  NIL (all inclusive)
 Monthly Statements and Rent Payments  NIL (all inclusive)
 Annual Financial Summary Report  NIL (all inclusive)
 Postage & Petties Monthly  NIL (all inclusive)
 Payments of Strata-Fees  NIL (all inclusive)
 Comparative rental appraisal reports on request  NIL (all inclusive)
 Property title search  NIL (all inclusive)
 Payment of your quarterly utility bills and rates  NIL (all inclusive)
 Maintenance processes & quotes  NIL (all inclusive)
 Creditor payments  NIL (all inclusive)
 Organization and or payment of Landlords insurance  NIL (all inclusive)
 Highlight property advertising on  NIL (all inclusive)


One of the biggest flaws in property management is a lack of communication with the property owner. Owners have different expectations regarding communication from their Property Manager. When we first start managing your property, we will discuss your communication requirements (how, when, where, etc) because some owners have specific requirements and it is important from the start that we exceed your expectations. This isn’t rocket science, but we believe it’s important to you.

Innovative Marketing:

We pride ourselves on where possible, leasing your property quickly and for the highest possible rent. That is why we advertise your property where your property will get noticed.


All landlords receive a free photography session at their property when it becomes vacant and we use these in all our marketing.

Numbers Matters:

We keep our promise and we are always transparent. We are a boutique personalized property management company and one manager will only manage a maximum of 80 properties (the industry average for one property manager is between 120 and 160 properties).

Marketing and Leasing Your Property:

•  As a small boutique agency, we are able to constantly monitor the rental market and we make sure that your property is always achieving the maximum market rate available.

•  We commence marketing and contact you to discuss any rental rate adjustments or potential improvements to your property as soon as your current tenant provides us notice of their intention to vacate.

•  We maximize prospective tenant inquiry using effective and innovative marketing strategies such as professional photography that we use in all marketing for vacancies at no charge to our clients.


•  Full listing of your property on our own website,,,,

•  Additional advertising in newspapers if needed.

•  An eye-catching signboard on the property (subject to any body corporate or BCC restrictions).

•  Regular liaison with a number of professional relocation companies who assist executive transfers.

•  University accommodation officers and, where the property is close to a major employer, we often discuss their staff accommodation needs with them.


We don’t hand out keys. We accompany prospective tenants to vacant properties and also carry out open houses where possible to create a competitive environment for interested tenants. We use an on-line registration system that allows us to gauge the interest in your property and schedule the open homes accordingly. These inspections also provide us and our clients with valuable feedback from tenants.


We take our applications seriously with detailed rental history checks, personal references, and employer checks before recommending a tenant to you.


We offer tenants flexible payment methods to make their life easier, including phone and online payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We carry out regular Agent Property inspections and provide a written report with photos.

Rates & Insurance:

We can pay your Councils Rates, Strata Management (body corporate) fees, and insurances on your behalf if you advise them to send the notices directly to us at no additional cost.

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