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General Maintenance:

  • Although our properties are of the highest standard, it’s not uncommon for our tenants to require general maintenance from time-to-time when renting.
  • As with any type of maintenance, it’s important that you make us aware as soon as possible. By contacting your property manager, they’ll be able to arrange for our maintenance team to visit the property and fix your problem promptly.

If your repair is urgent and we’re not in the office, don’t worry. You can still reach us for emergencies on 0449 608 412.

Emergency Repairs:

If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, an emergency repair is required:

  • A burst water service (hot or cold, please turn it off at the mains as soon as possible)
  • A blocked sewer
  • A broken sewerage fitting
  • A severe roof leak
  • A gas leak – even if you can only just smell it
  • A serious electrical fault
  • Flooding within the property
  • A fault with the property’s lift service (please contact Strata Management)
  • Substantial damage resulting from storm, flooding or fire
  • A break-in or attempted breaking that has left the property unsecured

If you think your situation is severe but it isn’t listed above, please get in touch with your property manager as soon as possible.

What to Do If You Can’t Reach Us:

In the event that you can’t reach us and your repairs are urgent, you can have minimum repairs made to the property by a qualified trades person if you haven’t been able to reach us within:

  • 24 hours for emergency repairs
  • 48 hours for urgent repairs

What’s Classed As An Urgent Repair?

An urgent repair is defined as any fault or breakage that:

  • Exposes a person to risk of injury
  • Exposes the property to damage
  • Causes the tenant undue hardship

At Smart Realty, your safety is of paramount concern to us. If you think that you require urgent repairs, please get in touch with your property manager immediately so we can arrange repairs within 48 hours.

What If I Lose My Keys?

If you lose your keys, remotes or FOBS and aren’t able to gain access to your property, during our normal working hours (Mon-Fri between 8.30am and 5.00pm or Sat 9.00am – 12 noon), we can help you by providing a temporary set.

If this situation occurs after our office hours, you can contact a qualified locksmith to help you to get you inside. Please note that this is counted as a tenant expense. Additionally, please don’t attempt to reach us on our emergency line in this instance.

Emergency Services And Utility Provider Contact Information

If your situation is an emergency and you can’t get hold of us, please contact the relevant body below:

Emergency services

  • Fire or life threatening emergencies dial 000
  • SES emergency assistance 132 500
  • DFES emergency information 13 3337

Key Utility Providers

  • Western Power         Phone: 13 13 51 (faults/emergencies only)
  • Synergy                      Phone: 13 13 53 (connections)
  • Water Corporation  Phone: 13 13 75
  • Alinta Gas                 Phone: 13 13 58


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